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Lime Grove Cattery
Cat Chalets, Near Sherwood Pines
Cat Penthouse, with views of horses, chickens and pond.


While your away feel relaxed knowing your cat is enjoying our spacious luxury penthouse. The design of the semi outdoor play area offers fresh air, views of the horse field, free range chickens and water feature.

The penthouses are fully insolated, heated with both inbuilt radiators and heat mats to ensure your cat sleeps as cosy as they would at home.

They have been specially designed so that your cat can express normal patterns of behaviour including climbing, scratching and hiding.

What we class as our single pens are the equivalant of family pens under CIEH Cat boarding licencing 2013.

We also offer extra large twin penthouse, which allows cats to share their pen but also have their own sleeping area.

Luxury Chalets for Cats



Perfect if your cat loves to climb, hide and soak up the sun while enjoying views over the hills out towards Sherwood Pines.

Our luxury, spacious, fully heated, indoor pens give your cat all the comforts of home.

Facilities include radiator beds, heat pads, water fountains, fortresses, activity centres, and scratch posts.

We also offer specially designed pens for the elderly/arthritic, kittens, anxious and highly active cats. (Please enquire)




This includes: Food (most cat foods provided see T+C), Administering medication, Heating

Health Insurance (see terms and conditions), Primary care by our resident Vet.


Long stay cat discounts may apply. (3 weeks or more)


50% Deposit required on booking.




Chalet accommodation ...

Penthouse accomodation

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Per day


1 cat- £16             

2 cats sharing- £22

3 cats sharing- £26

4 cats sharing- £29

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