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Lime Grove Cattery

Terms and conditions



Standard terms and conditions.


Your cat will only be accepted for boarding if it is in good health and you are able to produce a vaccination card confirming your pet's vaccinations are up to date. No cat can be accepted for boarding unless it has been vaccinated against feline enteritis and cat flu (herpes virus and calicivirus). The cat must have had primary vaccinations and necessary yearly boosters. It is recommended if your cat is restarting vaccination/initial vaccination course you leave at least 3 weeks after the second injection to ensure your cat is fully protected.


Whilst every possible attention is given to each cat boarded with us, it is boarded entirely at the owner's risk, as are cats sharing accommodation. Should we feel the need to separate them in the interest of the animal's own safety, a relevant charge for the extra accommodation will be levied.

Any current or ongoing problems with a cat's health or temperament must be notified to us at the time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse any cat that we consider to be of an unreliable temperament, sick or showing any symptoms of illness, or flea infestation at the start of boarding.


Should it be necessary at our discretion for veterinary attention for any health condition existing prior to boarding, all fees incurred are the responsibility of the owner. All cats should have been wormed and flead recently.

Any cats that have not had a recent flea treatment will have to have a treatment applied in order for us to board them, a charge of £10 per cat will levied for this.


Unless specified otherwise all veterinary care will be under the attention of Julie Ling BVMBVS MRCVS (owner of Lime Grove Cattery) at Vets4Pets Kirkby in Ashfield during the open hours of the practice. If emergency attention is needed out of hours and is unavoidable..


If registered with an alternate vet and under veterinary care for a long term medical condition, within half an hour of the cattery, the cat will be transported to the cat's primary carer. There will be a charge in place for transport to primary carer.


If primary carer over half an hour away veterinary care will take place as the first paragraph. The medical history can be transferred over to Vets4pets if necessary.


Fees are charged at a daily rate , inclusive or arrival and departure day. Should an animal be collected before the booked departure date, the reserved occupancy fee will be charged. Payment in full is required upon collection. 50% of full boarding cost is required at the time of booking. Payments can be made by cash, bank transfer or card transaction.

If a booking is cancelled, or unable to board for any reason with less than 28 DAYS NOTICE the 50% deposit paid will be none refundable.


If applicable please note all cats boarded are insured whilst in our care, EXCLUDING veterinary fees or death in connection with any condition that existed prior to boarding, or the cost of cremation.


The daily rate is inclusive of;

Food, We provide a variety of cat food including: Wet food- Sheba Gravy and Jelly, Felix as good as it looks, Gourmet, Whiskers Jelly, Sauce & kitten, Applaus, Royal Canin digest sensitive & gastrointestinal, James well beloved. Dry food- Purina one, Royal canin digestive & kitten, Go cat, Iams, James well beloved, Whiskers & whiskers Kitten.  

Heating of the penthouse/chalet accommodation.

Any medication administration your cat requires during it's stay.


Please note cats over the age of 6 months must be neutered.

Please note kittens under the age of 9 weeks of age ( and not vaccinated as required) will be accepted only if in good health at the time of admission and at the acknowledgement of the owner that their cat is at increased susceptibility to diseases.

We reserve the right to dispose of cats not collected within 14 days of the stated departure date if there is no communication from the owners or guardian and efforts to contact the owner fail.

Customer acknowledgment

I am responsible for the above described animal(s) and I have have the authority to grant you my consent for this cat to be admitted to Lime Grove Cattery. I am aware of the standard procedures and care and have given a guideline of requirements for my cat(s) during their stay. I have informed the cattery of any medication(s) required during my cats visit and have provided this medication and give my consent for the staff at Lime Grove Cattery to administer this on my behalf.

Multi-cats If admitting multi-cats I give consent for these cats to be housed in one pen together for the duration of their stay. In the case of my cats being housed together, I understand the multi-cat procedure and give my consent for staff to separate my cats in the event of a situation occurring which may result in their safety being compromised by remaining together, I understand that this may incur further costs payable by myself upon collection. Yes I give consent to any emergency veterinary treatment being administered to my cat(s) in the event of parasites, illness or injury during their stay and for any history by my general veterinary surgery to be shared with the cattery for the safety of my cats health during any treatment.


If you have any queries regarding any of our terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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